Compliance & Ethics

The mission of Davis & Elkins College is to prepare and inspire students for success and for thoughtful engagement in the world. To that end, the College is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living and working environment that promotes responsibility and ethical behavior by complying with College policy and local, state and federal laws. The Office of Compliance & Ethics has been established to support and nurture a healthy and safe campus community. Maintaining a compliant community is an on-going process that requires collaboration, shared decision making and open communication. The Office of Compliance & Ethics endeavors to:

  • 完善的ag8app下载活动和业务的疗效;
  • 管理风险;
  • 从一个系统范围内的立体地址的问题;
  • 协调培训和职业发展;
  • 提供培训和职业发展需要;
  • 负责显著合规性监督审查程序领域;和
  • 根据需要创建和修改大专及/或部门的政策和程序。

Compliance & Ethics Committee

The Compliance & Ethics Committee will meet quarterly at a minimum. The purpose of the Compliance & Ethics Committee is to empower directors to have strong oversight over areas with significant compliance responsibilities. Through collaboration and shared leadership, the Compliance & Ethics Committee will identify and assess compliance issues as well as create and implement solutions and action plans to address those issues. Members of the Compliance & Ethics Committee include:

  • 合规官
  • 第九条协调员
  • ADA /部504协调
  • NCAA合规协调员
  • 财政援助的导演
  • 注册员
  • 公共安全部主任
  • Director of Counseling & Wellness
  • 国际学生服务中心主任
  • 会计主任
  • 物理厂厂长
  • 制度的进步主任
  • 招生办公室主任
  • 首席信息官
  • 人力资源总监
  • 教师代表
  • 研究机构代表

Office of Compliance & Ethics Services

  • 程序区回顾
  • 政策审查和评审
  • 策略创建
  • 部门审查程序开发
  • 投诉解决
  • 系统解决方案 
  • Professional Development & Training