Statement from Davis & Elkins College Regarding COVID-19

Dear Davis & Elkins College Students, 学院, Staff, and Community:

In our capacity as an educational institution, we have always operated on the premise of two distinct priorities: to provide top educational opportunities and to provide a safe and healthy environment. The circumstances of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have evolved quickly across the United States and around the world, and now require us to make changes to the operation of Davis & Elkins College. We make these changes wholeheartedly with those two priorities in mind.

The mindful watch of COVID-19 by D&E’s Emergency Response Team has been non-stop, and we have followed protocols set forth by the 疾病预防与控制中心 (CDC),该 卫生,人力资源的西弗吉尼亚部门伦道夫县卫生局. As a result of the rapid evolution of this virus, we are announcing the following functional changes at D&E:

  • 所有的课外和课外活动(包括但不限于田径,音乐会,演讲,和社交活动)将被立即暂停。  

  • 所有课程将于周一,3月16日。

  • Registration & Assessment Day on Tuesday, March 17, will proceed as scheduled.

  • 所有类将被取消周三到周五,3月18日至20日,作为网络教育的转变会发生。

  • As of Monday, March 23, D&E will begin online delivery of all course content until further notice.

  • 该学院将继续工作,和所有教职员工预计报告如常。


Currently there are no known COVID-19 cases in West Virginia, but the rapid spread of the virus and its potential implications on the D&E Community are undeniable. The Davis & Elkins College Board of Trustees and College leadership believe this series of decisions is in the best interests of our students, faculty, staff, and community. We have not arrived at these decisions lightly or without much deliberation and thought. Our goal is to deliver on our educational mission while doing everything we can to keep our community safe. 

Public health authorities have stated that we should assume the virus will eventually reach our community, so our decisions are designed to minimize the impact of this illness. In an effort to discourage the challenges of many people being affected by the virus at once, public health authorities are also advising the practice of “social distancing.” It then became incumbent upon us to look for ways to eliminate the need for students, faculty, staff, and community to congregate, thus, decreasing the opportunities for the virus to be introduced on the D&E Campus.



  • 随着我们更多地了解covid-19,它变得更加清晰,该病毒是通过与他人密切接触获得的。我们在移动网上学习,鼓励学生返回自己的永久地址的目标,是限制人的交互次数在我们的社区,并最终以尽自己的力量在保护您的健康。

  • 现在居住的学生都必须离开宿舍到周日年,2020年3月22日,回到自己的永久地址,中午12时。

  • 学生谁是无法搬走,继续在ag8app下载内住宿将依申请提供给学生生活办公室。任何学生谁是无法移动他们的ag8app下载居住的出 必须 接触斯科特·戈达德,学生事务的副总裁,在304.637.1352(官职); 304.642.1352(移动);或通过电子邮件

  • 剩下的ag8app下载为学生,住房将得到巩固,允许学生宿舍关闭。食品服务将继续提供和小时将宣布时可用。如果学生的不测做好准备,我们可能需要实现减少或替代餐饮服务为我们向前迈进。



  • 学生将接受信息和教职员工对于单个课程说明。定期检查你请的电子邮件和酒井的其他更新。学生也大力鼓励与他们离校前教练和指导老师联系。

  • 在校学生在实验室,临床,教学实习或实习课程将接收来自适当的教员和部门的附加信息。

  • 教育技术和学术资源,包括辅导,将继续为学生提供。

  • 选择校内教学设施将暂停期间亲自类开放。运营时间将被运送到ag8app下载社区定期。

  • 经常上网,只有类将不会受到影响,将继续按计划进行。



  • 迈克尔·柯蒂斯,公共安全主任,304.637.1610,412.721.4638(手机);

  • 罗威戴尔阿维莱斯,304.637.1311的国际学生服务中心主任;

  • 斯科特·戈达德,副总裁学生事务,304.637.1352,304.642.1352(手机);

  • 简科里,人力资源总监,304.637.1344,304.940.3575(手机);

  • 罗斯目标伯克,ag8app下载护士,304.627.1234,

We acknowledge and thank the D&E Emergency Response Team, Board of Trustees, and all those who have tirelessly worked to ensure the best possible scenario for the D&E Community.

Again, our top priority is the health and welfare of the D&E Community, and our institution has arrived at these decisions with that top priority in mind. We appreciate the patience, flexibility, and partnership of the D&E Community during this challenging time.