Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

The impact of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to intensify. We have promised Davis & Elkins College students, parents and our entire D&E Community that we would provide updates to ensure 日e highest possible level of safety and welfare for everyone.

Based upon emerging information on the rapidly evolving COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging all D&E students to be moved off 日e college campus by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

We understand 日is accelerated schedule to safely move off campus may cause added complications. Please know D&E administration, faculty and staff are available to help students in any way, so students are moved efficiently and quickly off campus to family and to environments where “social distancing” can be successfully implemented.

We urge students and parents to refer to the messages distributed on Friday, March 13, to aid them in efficiently moving off 日e D&E campus. 周五的消息 从木材总裁和发送到电子邮件收件箱的学生将帮助离港ag8app下载的顺利执行。ag8平台运输(航空航天飞机)问题流程ag8app下载宿舍等迁出,在这些通信中提供。

学生谁是无法搬走,继续在ag8app下载内住宿将依申请提供给学生生活办公室。任何学生谁是无法移动他们的ag8app下载居住的出 必须 接触斯科特·戈达德,学生事务的副总裁,在304.637.1352(官职); 304.642.1352(移动);或发送电子邮件至


学生们特别提醒3月17日 是秋季学期2020登记日。请之前你离开离ag8app下载完成这些安排。

We appreciate your cooperation in meeting this new deadline. Again, please know that in this rapidly changing global situation, these procedures are in place for the health and welfare of 日e D&E Community.