Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

As the first week of planned course delivery comes to a close, we remain hopeful on the campus of Davis & Elkins College. We are pleased with the small number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus, as well as the manner in which positive cases were handled and screening and testing procedures have been managed for the D&E community. It is D&E’s intention to proceed with course delivery on campus for the foreseeable future. However, the ability to provide courses through in-person and hybrid formats on campus is solely dependent upon your diligence. Ultimately, campus health and wellness is a shared responsibility.

COVID-19 testing: D&E statistics continue to be reassuring

As of the writing of this update, there are no active COVID-19 cases on the D&E campus. There is no question that is attributable to careful and diligent behavior by students, faculty, staff, and administration. Thus far, the incidence of positive cases in students is 0.87%, far below trending levels. The incidence among D&E employees is 0.28% and the incidence for campus as a whole is 0.68%. What we’re doing is working!

A required temperature monitoring system will continue for anyone entering the Benedum Dining Room. Commuter students and visitors to campus must undergo mandatory screening at the D&E campus entrance, and faculty and staff are screened daily. Anyone leaving campus outside of their designated commuter zone will be required to undergo COVID-19 screening/testing, as outlined in the Davis & Elkins College Guide for Returning to Campus:



As college campuses across the nation fall prey to careless and reckless behavior related to COVID-19, D&E students are reminded of continued enforcement of COVID-19 safety protocols. Simply put, these are special protocols put in place on our campus regarding behaviors related to the COVID-19 global pandemic and steps we can take on the D&E campus to help prevent the spread of the virus.

You can help our College continue to have on-campus instruction by making good choices and adhering to safety protocols. House/suite parties, going to bars, and gathering in large groups will likely increase the community spread of COVID-19 and decrease the likelihood that we are back to normal anytime soon. Negative behaviors that could harm our community cannot be tolerated. Violations of the Davis & Elkins College Code of Conduct will be processed in accordance with the discipline policy (sanctions range from/include fines, residence hall suspension, and expulsion).


有趣的学生已排定活动周末和下周!一定要穿上你的口罩,保持双手清洁,并练习社交距离。这里是 完整的时间表 学生活动!



  • 温度计(数字)
  • 面具(医疗级如果高风险感染,由于合并症)
  • 消毒湿巾
  • 洗手液 - 大瓶的宿舍房间,口袋大小随身携带的ag8app下载
  • 冷和选择的过敏药物
  • 疼痛/发烧药(布洛芬,对乙酰氨基酚等)

通过保持此清单,就可以减少甚至消除学生的健康例行访问。对于这些物资的完整列表,请访问: 此链接.

Check this weekly student update, the D&E Mobile App, and your email regularly for updates. The Emergency Notification System (nixle) will also be used as appropriate.