Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

The Fall 2020 semester did not begin in the classroom as we had hoped due to pending COVID-19 test results, but adaptation to this situation and the switch to an online course delivery platform for the first week of classes has helped reduce potential spread of the virus on campus. From a health perspective, things are going well at Davis & Elkins College and we are trending below anticipated numbers. However, while many on campus are following the rules associated with helping to flatten the curve of this pandemic, some are not. As students and parents read this update, especially with students back on campus, we remind you that we must all do our parts to help eliminate this virus. Ultimately, campus health and wellness is a shared responsibility.

COVID-19 testing: D&E numbers are encouraging

As you know, COVID-19 testing was required for students during their phased return to campus. A total of 171 student tests were conducted on August 11, which resulted in two (2) individuals testing positive. Those individuals were immediately isolated and quarantined, per policies adopted by the D&E Board of Trustees over the summer in the Davis & Elkins College Guide for 回到ag8app下载. Testing was conducted again on August 14 and 17 for 632 individuals, including 493 students. Of the 632 tests administered, four (4) students tested positive. The same protocols were followed as with previous positive cases. The overall incidence of positive COVID-19 tests for students on the D&E campus is 0.9%. In recent weeks, 299 tests have been administered to employees of D&E with one (1) positive test result reported, an incidence rate of 0.3%. D&E COVID-19 policies provide for testing to take place as necessary for individuals who are symptomatic and/or those who have been contact traced to positive cases, with complete procedures outlined in the 回到ag8app下载 文件。


而所有的类都在本周改变为网上交付平台,所有课程将在其预定的传输格式开始周一开始,8月24日课程将在各种格式进行 - 面对面,完全在线,或者以混合格式的组合面对面和在线。学生呼吁,以确保他们事先知道他们班的格式。


Special protocols have been put in place regarding behaviors related to the COVID-19 global pandemic and steps we can take on the D&E campus to help prevent the spread of the virus. While most students on campus have adhered to these new guidelines, some have not. Those who do not take these necessary steps endanger the health and wellbeing of our campus.

You can help our College continue to have on-campus instruction by making good choices and adhering to safety protocols. House/suite parties, going to bars, and gathering in large groups will very likely increase the community spread of COVID-19 and decrease the likelihood that we are back to normal anytime soon. These negative behaviors that could harm our community cannot be tolerated. Violations of the Davis & Elkins College Code of Conduct will be processed in accordance with the discipline policy (sanctions range from/include fines, residence hall suspension, and expulsion).

D&E campus nurse urges students to heed COVID-19 protocols

Diana Burke-Ross, R.N., D&E Campus Nurse, has communicated directly with students urging adherence to the College’s COVID-19 guidelines. “If we make a campus-wide promise to follow the advice of health care professionals, accept that wearing a face covering is essential, adhere to social distancing and commit to NO large group activities… we can beat the odds and enjoy a full semester of an in-person academic experience,” she wrote to students. 你可以阅读一下全信与这名学生的更新附件.



  • 温度计(数字)

  • 面具(医疗级如果高风险感染,由于合并症)

  • 消毒湿巾

  • 洗手液 - 大瓶的宿舍房间,口袋大小随身携带的ag8app下载

  • 冷和选择的过敏药物

  • 疼痛/发烧药(布洛芬,对乙酰氨基酚等)

通过保持此清单,就可以减少甚至消除学生的健康例行访问。对于这些物资的完整列表,请访问: 此链接.

Check this weekly student update, the D&E Mobile App, and your email regularly for updates. The Emergency Notification System (nixle) will also be used as appropriate.